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.NET extension is an enormous library extension over Microsoft .NET platform. It includes hundreds of useful, official-looking, well-structured and well-documented classes that seamlessly integrated into the original system and facilitate developments of many fields. 

I have been developing this project ever since 2008. Four years’ accumulation now grows to a scale (more than 100,000 lines of code) that I’m not able to maintain on my own. In the spirit of “one for everyone and everyone for one”, I publish this project hoping that it could be of help to many others and I could also get help from many others.

Although parts of this .NET extension remains not thoroughly debugged or incomplete, many important classes do have been robust enough to be used in even business development.

Now I’m looking forward to people who will help me debug, develop and bring new ideas into reality. Any donation is also welcome, since I’m still a student and need money to finance myself.

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